How to develop your own way of seeing the world. 

The combination of walking and photography can have a huge impact on how we see the world and our wellbeing. This workshop will help you slow down, notice what is around you making you focus on the present rather than on the busy thoughts that are going through your mind. With practise you begin to see things in a new way. Things you may have walked past numerous times before but just not seen. For example the intricate patterns on the bark of a tree or the number of different markings on a snowdrop. It could be how the shadows fall when the sun shines through the treetops or even the reflection in a shop window. Everyday things we see as we go about our daily business but don’t take any notice of.

The workshop helps to reduce stress enabling you to not only improve your photography but to feel a sense of enjoyment which will reflect in the images you take. Using all our senses to see, hear and smell moments in time and imprinting memories. 

Making a journal as part of the workshop is always an option so that during the walks we can take notes or sketch or collect things as we go along. This is a good way of remembering those feelings and thoughts of when the photographs were made. The journal can be decorated in any way you want to or even handmade. This will work alongside a sketchbook where you can store your printed images. The other option is to just sit and observe what is around us, using our eyes like a camera to take in and just be there in the present. This could lead on to taking photographs at a later date. It’s no pressure just the enjoyment of being in the fresh air around nature.

Below are some examples of work that has been created in photography workshops.