What is counselling?

Counselling is about us listening to you non-judgmentally and working with what you choose. We will help you develop an understanding of yourself and support you to find your own solution. How long this takes is unique to every individual and guided by you. Therapy is not about me giving you advice or persuading you to do something. Although it is mainly a talking therapy there will be certain creative tools of counselling which we may use to help you look at your issues differently. You will have the opportunity to work with whatever you choose. 

Respecting your confidentiality is not only of upmost importance to us but also an integral aspect of successful counselling in building trust.

Choosing a counsellor is as important as the process in successful therapy, therefore you are invited to a free introductory session. In this session you will be informed more about counselling and we can explore any further questions you may have and whether you would like to work with us.

You can have confidence when choosing animal facilitated therapy that you will be supported
professionally by an experienced and qualified counsellor.